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Re: Aikido does not work at all in a fight.

Michael O'Brien wrote:
LOL ... Ok Daniel ... You walk out of the mall to your car as you get to the side of your car 2 guys approach you, 1 from either side with the intent of not only robbing you but beating you into the concrete.

Do you let them pound your head into the ground until it explodes like a watermelon or do you choose to allow your Aikido training to effectively defend yourself?

I started Tae Kwon in the mid 80's and since my training I have had to defend myself 1 time in the last 20 years so that isn't a bad track record.

But ultimately, yes, there are times when no matter what you do physical conflict can not be avoided.

alright you do make a very good point, no sarcasim this time

Dan Hulley
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