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Re: Breakfalls can be a problem!

The basic high/break fall, in the general most of terms, is nothing more than a roll suspended above the mat. So before advancing to break falls, really put the time into basic rolling ukemi. When you have become proficient enough to absorb/blend with the energy of a throw and safely roll, Then look into break fall ukemi.
Once you have become good at rolling ukemi there really isnt a need to do breakfalls. In my understanding, its a last resort, an act to save life or limb. Basically you have been cut off from rolling, and the breakfall is the last out. Many teachers dont endorse breakfalls.
So my advice would be to concentrate on rolling ukemi, then go forward into breakfalls. Breakfalls are alot of fun and beautiful to behold, just not always necessary to do. A word of caution is to make sure you use a sempai that can support high falls safely. Hopefully in time that will cut down the dreaded male aikidoka "ringing of the bells" syndrome

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