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Re: Aikido does not work at all in a fight.

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Oh. I take it all back. Your thunderstorm is obviously very very different to my thunderstorm,
this forum always throws up such huge chasms between individual practices and assumptions of others' practices. Amazing.
Ok, I explain this better.
Those who advocate the thunderstorm, forget safety measures.
Those who stress safety measures, avoid the thunderstorm.
A solution is in demand.

My approach: randori on steroids.

Safety measures:
1) uke throws punches with open hands
2) uke throws at chest level
3) Nage does not conclude the throws, but only gives a taste of them.
4) neck grabs are forbidden: a mere 15 kilos pressure on a neck may cause damage.

Risks implied:
1) unvoluntary smacks on the face
2) occasional minor bleeding (nose, inner lip)
3) bruises
4) sore wrists
5) unvoluntary occasional throw
6) finger in the eye...

1) uke attacks as if he has a very personal matter with you
2) no shokomenuchi and yokomenuchi, those are too stylized and won't represent a real situation
3) uke throws what he wants - nage will not know what technique will be required
4) uke will not accommodate the technique (because of... point 3) - in case he realizes what is going to be done, he will do all he can to escape and counterattack
5) uke throws and rechambers as fast as he would in a real situation
6) uke throws, rechambers and is swift to face you again if you try to go lateral: he will not make that easy for you
7) uke pursues and stalks you
8) uke can pull you, push you, and do all in his power to "win".

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