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Re: Starting Training at 45

Brandon Bosworth wrote: View Post
While I don't think it's too late at all, I would be curious to hear a bit more from those who took up Aikido later in life, especially those who had background in other arts. How would you describe your overall experience as an older newbie Aikido student? Since Aikido is often described as having a rather steep learning curve, do you find your age a help, hindrance, or neither?

I am asking as a 44-year-old JKD/Kali/BJJ guy with an interest in Aikido.
This reflects my background and the added proviso that aikido drew me far further into its clutches than anything I had done before.

One comment I could make is that age is not really the determining factor but your condition. Beyond the 45 year olds going on 60 and those 45 year olds going on 30, there are many things that determine how quickly and how far you immerse yourself. As an older student your judgement about your own body is probably better now than it was at say 15 but still we see older people holding back too much, just as we see much younger people not take the proper care.

If you have the background in other martial arts you should have a pretty good idea how to adjust your training.

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