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Re: Daily Applications of Aikido

Mary Malmros wrote: View Post
...this individual -- who clearly was suffering from considerable arrogance...
Phil wrote: "I was at a seminar awhile ago and was working with an extremly high ranking nidan who, with a little attitude, informed me I really wasn't very good and that I should know better of what I was doing." Emphasis added

Now perhaps the attitude was in the ear of the person listening and not coming out of the mouth of the person speaking. Not having been there, I don't know; but then neither does anyone else. Phil admits that "Unfortunately, I am very confrontational..." So it's possible that his uke could have meant his remarks to be heard in an entirely different manner than Phil interpreted them. In any event it isn't entirely obvious that Phil's uke "...was suffering from considerable arrogance..."

Mary Malmros wrote: View Post
I'm just saying that some of your statements have drifted into the absolute, and that's not supported by what we know of this situation, and maybe a bit of perspective is needed.
Yeah, I can do that sometimes when I'm on a roll. A blind spot, as Carsten mentioned earlier. Doesn't hurt to have someone step into it as a reminder to occasionally adjust the rear view mirror.


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