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Re: Daily Applications of Aikido

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Dear Katherine,
Soi if you were outside in a bar or somewhere else other than a dojo and somebody implied you were useless at Aikido would you see this criticism as a direct insult?Would you then go outside, put your dukes up and teach this upstart a sharp lesson?I have been thrown around by many a shihan in my day , but Ii have never been thrown around by any guy who tried to prove he/she was a big man.As I stated clearly its not the fact that the Nidan got tossed around.I am being critical and condemning the seniors behaviour and his motives for doing what he did.
So if you think someone treating you badly trying to prove his point is possibly ' good' learning experience what would you consider to be a bad learning experience?
I think I qualified my original response by noting that this took place in a class setting. Yes, of course, the real world is different.

On the other hand, I wouldn't particularly recommend that the nidan carry his behavior out into the real world, either.

There are lots of bad learning experiences out there. Certainly getting injured qualifies, and that didn't happen in this case. However, as noted above, I also don't think the nidan's previous teachers were doing him any favors by allowing him to believe that insulting strangers is acceptable or wise.

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