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Re: YouTube: Internal strength demo...

Jonathan Wong wrote: View Post
You just can't enter the world of aiki with regular body mechanics, so you either go down the path, or you choose not to re-forge your body and thus choose not to follow the path.
Suppose the way Im looking at it right now is simply this:
There are a ton of good intentions and philosophical musings when it comes to that which is 'just out of reach'. [i.e., you can call it mystical, etc.]

But at the same time I have spent the majority of my life trying to reach certain goals that laid in this realm... [was a missionary over seas, etc. - was a zealot Christian to be sure] - point in all of this is that even in my zeal I was seeking for the core balance of truth, even if it meant dumping what I believed from the age of 4, etc. - or developing a whole new outlook or deeper understanding to what I believed.

... something like that happened a few years back.
To me its about practical results no matter what it is. And there are only so far you can take things before you need to step it up and test it out or figure out if it has its limited applications.

Kind of why I am cross-training, etc. What works why, when, where. [not to cut suddenly off Aikido, but to make what I take from the principles of it to work regardless...]

Now my point here is that some people may say they dont want to have to give proof, etc., and may frown upon those who ask it as if they are trying to take something away from them and mock them, as it were.

I know that is not the case with me... though I do lean to being more of a Thomas, as it were in this day and age... already put in my years of faith service... its time for practical, tangible results... and even the most mystical [spiritual, martial arts, whatever] can have tangible and explainable, logical [even if that logic is beyond ours], scientific results. [Everything has a purpose and a place in this chaotic universe... an oxymoron?]

All that to say this: Is IT something that is being taught in the US special forces? [Im going beyond fight clubs now], if this is something tangible, then I would suppose the elite would need to benefit from this. [Hey, "men who stare at goats" - try whatever it is you can to stay on top... so if this does have an edge... someone using it? CIA, etc?]

If not, then it begins to question if either we are overcomplicating something that is to some degree related to the concept of learning Ballet [for those of you who may remotely think that is easy, its no more easier than flinging your legs over your back and touching the floor in yoga... and this is why my other post mentioned Ballet, if you can be as aligned, strong, and move your body like they do, and a yoga person... my goodness then you have mastered body mechanics, and from the sound of it that is what IT is about.]

... unless IT isnt about body mechanics and getting your body to move in the best way possible, to be centered, stable, etc. [thats how I have understood it.]

Yes we can talk about subtle chi energies, and I believe in that, for the fact that we know that much happens which we cant see, and that even our thoughts can affect one another - and if your open enough you can basically read someones minds. [like those thoughts jumping back and forth in a short space... which with what we know in Quantum physics isnt so far fetched.]

Anyway... instead of the debates, or rather explanations of why they are different, and why no one can understand it till they try... which I respect and understand you may need someone to help point you through the door... I would like to see someone take it up in the sport arena and just demonstrate it.

From what I heard a Thai Boxers kicks will feel wrong, well I would love to see what an IT would look like when up against a ThaiBoxer, etc..
Why? Because Im defending Thai Boxing? [I have already said I could care less for most of the kicks as I find you are better when rooted on the ground.]

But I want to see this thing that is said to be so opposite demonstrated in a live situation. Surely Im not the only one thinking along these lines - I mean I realize in Aikido where its a non-competitive art and yet here I am trying to get it to work in my grappling/Thai classes, that I may be the odd one out.

Again, I like seeing theory put to the test so I can better understand the difference between a hypothetical situation and the true body dynamic that changes the game completely.

If this were understood by senseis, they would better be able to relay this to their students. Someone is liable to get hurt if they have the wrong impressions of what their art can or cannot do... like the guy on the youtube video that had people falling down without them touching him. [he got to the point he believed this, and then had a guy wipe his rear on the floor!]

Sure there is nothing wrong with the principles he practiced, but you have to be clear about what it is you are doing and where it belongs.

To be clear, if people choose to practice IT without showing how it works in a given situation like the ring, then I totally understand... this is not about picking out people to mock. Each person has their own convictions.

What I am saying is that it would be interesting if there were someone, like me, who wants to try this out and demonstrate what it is they are talking about and how it works against that path which they have chosen not to follow.

At this point, it seems there are limited number of these Aiki trainers, and I dont believe any of them are wanting to go this path... which I respect.

The problem seems to be that its hard to really do anything with these concepts as most of the post say you have to feel it to know what it is... and then keep at it for years.

Ill be honest, I know this has been brought up before, but I still believe that even if something takes awhile to do, we tend to find the longest roads to get there... but perhaps that is what being human is all about.



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