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Pete Nappier
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well let me apoligize to all who i may g=have offended by openning this can of worms again. but since i have and it is tetsutaka san's mission to mount a crusade for victims everywhere, i should aleast explain my statement.

Lamont was found guilty in a court of law by a jury of his peers. the judge sentenced him and he payed his debt. true there is still a victim out there. she was young and defenseless. her parents placed her in the care and guidance of a man they trusted. HE BETRAYED THAT TRUST. not I. i sincerely hope she has gotten counsling and hope she has worked through this experience. but the statement i made was direct to lamont, not her or her family. he looked at her for one thing, period.

i am sorry that tetsutaka's perception of the truth is blinded by his rage and contempt for this man. WHAT WOULD O SENSEI THINK OF THAT TETSUTAKA??

vengence is not the answer that Osensei would have chosen and the distruction of another person's life in this situation is not the answer either. the victim's life has already been destroyed by lamont! i could have thought of a better way to get my message across rather than court reports and criminal files.

some people would find your (tetsutaka-san) "crusade" very heart warming and admiral, but others see it a great show of ego and bullying. oh no i may have offended you again, so i am sorry if you are offended. i didn't say the truth never hurts, often it hurts worst.

pete nappier
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