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Re: Ken Cottier Sensei in Latter Stages of Lung Cancer

It has been exactly nine years since I began training in Aikido (on 9 June 1999) at the Hong Kong Aikido Association, where I received instruction from Cottier Shihan for the first time same year. Nine years have passed, feeling extremely sad to receive the news on this day. I last spoke to Cottier Shihan in Feb 2006 and didn't have a chance to see him for the past two years. Never expected that would be the last time I saw him and the last good-bye I said to him.

As my Sensei puts it, which I feel the same way too: "Cottier Shihan's devotion to Aikido, his modesty and sincerity in dealing with people will serve as a model for many of his students. He is indeed true Aikido."

We wholeheartedly thank him for his teachings, both in and out of the dojo, all these years. Our thoughts are with him and his family. Cottier Shihan will always be remembered by all of us in the years to come! His teachings will continue to be passed on.

Pearl Koo
Aikido Seidojuku - Beijing
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