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Marc Abrams
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Re: Very Disturbing news about Clint George


Thank you for putting a "human face" on this issue. I hope that it helps people step back from moral ultimatums and look at the real human side of the issues.

I frequently shake my head when parents knowingly allow their teenage daughters (even as young as 12 y/o) to prance around in low rider pants with their g-strings prominently displayed and their belly button shirts pronouncing statements far beyond their ability to understand. Our society has created vapid models for children to emulate. When I grew-up, 12 & 13 year olds were still children. They were not exhibiting hyper-sexual displays that were far beyond their maturity to understand the implications. Today, that is not so. We not only have to protect our children from predators, but protect them from a society that encourages them to act and look older than they have the life maturity to handle. I am not saying that any of this pattern exists with these allegations. I am addressing the comment that our 13 year olds are simply children. They ARE children who ARE exposed to far more information than they can really handle. I use to work in an inner city, psychiatric center for children and teens. It was far too common that 13 year olds would come in pregnant because they would then have someone to love them unconditionally!

The topics that these allegations bring up should hopefully force us to take a CLOSE look at what our children do, what they are exposed to, and who they associate with.

Marc Abrams
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