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Re: Understanding fascia and tensegrity

Franco Cuminato wrote: View Post
This "fascia" stuff is fascinating. I looked up 'fascia' in wikipedia and I thought the following paragraph was interesting:

Question for Mike Sigman: when you talk about "the fascia stuff", does it have anything to do with training the fascia to make it stronger and/or to "teach" it contract and relax?
Okay that blows it for me, I have been studying anatomy for over five years now and had never heard of fascia contracting in any other fashion than becoming stiff and rigid, never to unlock again except through stretching, time to re-evaluate I guess.

BTW, you gotta love wikipedia!

Within the framework of a tensegrity structure it does become quite obvious now how fascia and muscle can create forces beyond that which use muscle alone. Gee, imagine that!

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