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Unhappy Well...

Nick wrote:
[BAlso- Tetsutaka-san, given the evidence against him, how honest did you think he would be?[/b]
Well that's a good question. While he had two reviews stating that state appointed psychiatrists assert his reformation, his personality revealed otherwise.

I do not want to get into stating what I would expect from someone who was truly reformed - as that would give Mr. Lamont "help" in changing his tactics - and therefore it would be ammunition he could later use to dupe someone who has not red the real history.

Some have scolded me because I've already provided too much analysis - that it may still serve Lamont the next time an innocent comes to him for clarification.

Since he states bogus affiliations on this site and his own site, it is my guess that he uses the good name of those organizations to get someone "in the door", and then proceeds with the "I've been in this art for half of it's existence" speech to explain why all of the ranks come from him instead of Aikido Hombu.

Forewarned is forearmed.

all the best,
Houston Haynes
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