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Re: The true purpose of Aikido?

Rob, I have been down in Florida learning how to do that all week!

That is, how do you train to innoculate the stress of fighting while maintaining a degree of realism balanced by safety.

It has been an eye opening experience working with one of the subject matter experts on this.

There are several issues though that I see.

1. Physical conditioning. students need to be in good shape and not have any real injuries. This is probably the number one thing folks can do to improve their ability to defend themselves.

2. student to instructor ratio. Qualified and trained instructors.

3. Developing the scenarios.

4. finding the time to train. It takes a concentrated effort and a fair amount of time to train adequately. You can't do it in just one weekend.

5. Do folks really want to put themselves through this much stress?

6. Will the students understand how much stress will actually be induced...can they handle it not only physcially, but mentally.

7. How do you bring them along if they are not there physically and mentally?

The funny part is that it kinda goes back to the same thing with internal skills. You gotta put in the physical practice, the hard work of doing lots of gorilla drills, sprawls, push ups, and flutter kicks, order to be in the proper condition to subject yourself to the level of stress for this type of training.

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