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Re: How to practice Atemi

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I am after people's thoughts on working on improving ones Atemi. Recently I was taught that Aikido can be up to %80 percent Atemi, in my limited experience of Aikido so far I can see the truth in this. Before Aikido many years ago I trained in kickboxing. I trained in it very hard for a year and know the basics, my strength is a right cross in boxing stance properly grounded. That is the one technique I became really good at. So the Atemi that I am learning is very different from western boxing/kickboxing utilizing things like backfists and mini punches thrown in (what feels like to me as I am a beginner) awkward positions. I must say I am fascinated by Aikido Atemi and what I have learned but I'd like to practice it and learn a bit more about it out of class as I feel a little awkward. Especially when doing a knuckled back fist, I just don't feel snappy and powerful like boxing. So, Google didn't turn up a whole lot. Can anyone recommend a good book that has a section on learning and practicing Atemi for Aikido? Should I practice the strikes from techniques I have learnt in Kamai perhaps on a boxing bag? Thank you kindly for any advice and thoughts.

Aikido Atemi Waza Historical Perspectives

How to properly preform atemi in Aikido


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