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Re: Article: The Use of Atemi (Striking) in Aikido by George S. Ledyard

Great comments George. The pain compliance part is very important since there are many with vital or pressure points that simply don't react. With others, you can move them all over the place with slight pressure or significantly alter their posture with a light strike.

I would also suggest expanding the definition to include anything (pressure, brush, pinch, etc.) that alters the uke's posture making the application of technique easier or more effective.

In addition to aikidoka training to primarily utilize atemi that is distractive, they also are not trained to see the atemi spots in a technique. In researching my article and my survey for it, I found a lot of comments that aikidoka felt that applying atemi was potentially disruptive of the flow of energy/ki of the technique. While that may be true in some cases, atemi's can be applied as part of the flow of the technique with disruption of energy and in fact as an amplification of the energy.

Good thread.

P.S. I'm still awaiting Black Belt Magazine giving me a publication date (been about a year). They were supposed to publish my atemi article in August's issue, which has long passed.
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