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I noticed I missed a couple of for hitting (senior) ukes with atemi, at my first dojo you were expected to connect with atemi any uke who didn't move, just more gently with beginners. I like that we did that, I think it encourages a better focus and sensitivity. It does make it hard when you move, though...the place where I am now it caused some real complaining from my partners that I actually aimed for their face and expected them to move.

Johan, what I would say about blocking atemi if your hands are otherwise occupied, is: 1. except morote dori, when you would be holding nage's one arm with your two hands, usually only one of uke's hands is occupied, and in the case of morote dori, you should be slightly off-line and fairly well controlling nage's initial movement by your stronger hold. 2. even if your hands are somehow occupied, I wouldn't focus on a block (ouch) so much as avoidance of atemi---if you can, brush it aside, move your body out of the way, if you have to, take the fall...

and Lyle, I'm so have the most amazing sensei to show you how to manipulate a resistant uke's intentions...

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