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Hopefully some of them will join in here, but for what it is worth: we have two very outstanding 6th dans at the dojo where I train. Very. Very, Very. And they are very kind about chosing even low ranked ukes to demo. But the ukes, for a variety of reasons, do not give the attack or the senseis don't get the technique (personally, I think more often the former than the latter) and so in amongst several say, irimi nages is tossed a kote gaeshi or something. I prefer to think that if at a certain point you can always do the technique you want, no matter what uke is giving you, well, these guys would not need to sometimes toss in an alternate technique. So, if that means anything, I have often seen rokyudans 'do something else' with a 5th kyu uke.

oh, and thanks , I just run my mouth a lot. That and my, er, endearing personality , make me a real treasure around the dojo...
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