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Hi all thankyou for your response, appreciate your points. i think your all right theres no replacing experience of training with multiple students of all ages grades and physical abilities, if i could on occasion train with an instructor on a one to one basis, just to maybe brush up on my skills [ use the term losely] that would be good,Thanks again for your responses. must say i didnt think i would get any replies, will definitely be posting again.
Then it sounds like just about any quality dojo would do. Seriously, that's how dojo life is, you run every day with the pack and once in a while an alpha will take you off to see what you've got.

Pro tip: If you find a good dojo, you will find that there are times that the LAST thing you want is one on one time with sensei or sempai. Usually it will be a few milliseconds after you sign in, look at your hours since your last exam and get that awful fleeting thought that just about every yudansha on the planet will hear. Their heads will raise from their tasks and a tiny, tight little smile will show around the edges as they return to their work. Do not have that thought.
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