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Re: Teacher OKs "Avoid[ing] touching females on religious grounds"

Brian Gillaspie wrote: View Post
I'm ok with an instructor making accomodations on occasion for people so if the student can't touch females then let him work with the male students. However, like most others I believe the complete segregation of male and female is wrong and unnecessary (based on what I have read).
Yes agreed.

It did not sound to me like her was changing the dojo politics by segregating all the students and classes. Yet, perhaps since its his school, it his choice and it may be useful. (We often let the children train with the adults, where other schools/dojos do not.)

Perhaps this discussion points out the exclusion adversarial duality of our problem-formation and problem-solution processes and patterns?

This is a thought stimulating scenario. I am glad no one (that I currently know of) is making value judgments about every decision I make. LOL

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