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Re: Correct Feeling

As a beginner, I do not understand. What is correct feeling? I went and read a few of Ron's blog as you suggested and it appears to be an end point, a goal. However, I don't understand what it is. Perhaps this is because I have yet to feel it. But if and when I do how will I know?

I can look up the words in a dictionary:
Correct (several definitions but I think you mean): conforming to an approved or conventional standard
Feeling (even more definitions but I think you mean): generalized bodily consciousness or sensation

So there is an approved or conventional sensation that I am looking for? Can you explain what that sensation is? What are it's hallmarks? What am I supposed to feel?

Please understand this isn't a critique or criticism. It is just that I do not understand. How do I identify an incorrect feeling versus a correct feeling?
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