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John Driscoll
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Re: Correlation of Aikido and Daito-Ryu Waza


The following are some of the characteristics I use to assess the possible connection of a jujutsu ryu with Aikido and Daito-ryu.

Does Tori appear to "draw out" or "lead" Uke?

Does Tori take control of the line of attack and then redirects Uke?

Do the techniques of the school tend to conform to the concept of spirals along four axes vertical, horizontal, obliquely upwards and obliquely downwards?

Do the techniques of the school exhibit an overall sense of "aiki", i.e., is there a sense Tori is managing Uke through a mixture of subtle psychological and physical controls?

Using the above criteria, I have found a number of traditions, such as Hontai Yoshin Ryu, Shindo Yoshin Ryu, Takenouchi Ryu, etc., have noticeable similarities with respect to Aikido and Daito-ryu. I have also used the characteristics to eliminate a number of traditions from any connection, such as Sekiguchi Ryu, Tenjin Shin'yo Ryu, Kito Ryu, etc. Keep in mind my judgment regarding the possible connection or lack of connection of these traditions is purely speculative, based upon analysis of available video of techniques ascribed to these traditions. I should add, while Hontai Yoshin Ryu and Shindo Yoshin Ryu display similar characteristics, neither Hontai Yoshin Ryu nor Shindo Yoshin Ryu appear to have any actual connection to Aikido or Daito-ryu. (For a detailed discussion, see "Genesis: A Speculative History of Daito-ryu-Part II: The Wind in the Willows," by Ellis Amdur (

Based upon statements made by Ellis on, I believe he will present a strong case identifying the root art(s) of Daito-ryu in his forthcoming book, Hidden in Plain Sight. The new book should be available this winter.

I find it interesting that the founder of Korindo Aikido studied Takenouchi Ryu and did not have any direct association with Morihei Ueshiba. I also understand, while Korindo Aikido is an eclectic art, there are techniques within Korindo Aikido, which would cause an observer to judge it an art connected to Ueshiba's Aikido. Does Korindo Aikido, in your opinion, display any of the above characteristics? Regards, JED.
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