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Re: We're not sure what to call him

David Orange wrote: View Post
That's true. But what about something like mudansha jicho (head of mudansha matters---ji as in koto)?
In order to use "cho", one must be the head of some kind of organized entity. Gakkou = school, thus, Kouchou = principal. Toshi = city, thus shichou = mayor. Kaisha = company, shachou = company president. Kai = board, committee, meeting, kaichou = chairman.

Koto is not an organized entity, so cho(u) can't be used. What would be used in such situations is 係り kakari. Thus, Mudansha (no) kakari. In a more specific sense, I suspect mudansha (no) shidouyaku (mudansha guidance) would be used here in Japan.

OTOH, I love things being in their native idiom. English webpage? Targeted towards English speakers? I likes me some "Assistant Instructor" action.

"Web kohai", incidently, would suggest to a Japanese person that there is a "web sempai" who is perhaps in charge of the website. "Kohai" doesn't mean "junior student" in and of itself. Even your Chief Instructor remains someone's kohai.

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