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Re: aikido vs jiu-jitsu

I got to this party a bit late but I've been through this line of discussion before:

While hopefully none of us have the Gracies or Machados out looking for us, there are a lot of people that are training in grappling these days. Within 15 miles of my house I know of 5 separate BJJ programs, and that's without looking too hard, there are probably 5 more that I don't know about. Again, most of these guys aren't going to cause trouble... but, I'm training to protect myself and others from the bad guy that is going to cause trouble. And the one that I'm worried about is the guy that knows something about fighting, maybe even grappling.

I'm not saying "all fights go the the ground" or anything like that but I think it is naive to think "I just won't go to the ground", particularly when your defense is based on training in an aikido dojo with guys that don't know takedowns (that's me)! While we want to stay in our preferred range (standing), the other guy apparently has a different preferred range and is trying to take you there. If he can't get you there, you are doing well and you never have to ask how to get out of the mount. Should you find yourself in the mount (or on the ground at all) then the other guy was simply better (or luckier) in determining the range.

If you end up on the ground with a grappler there are loads of options from Aikido, as has been mentioned before. Grabbing and going for an ikkyo, or nikkyo probably won't get you far but rather relax, move around the power, disturb his base, parry/blend/redirect his attacks. Your options depend on what he is doing.

Is he sitting back on your hips? If he is, he's not going to be able to deliver much punching power unless he has very long arms. Is he going for a choke in which case his arms are extended and yours are free (think kote). Can you hook and bridge from here?

Is he up on your chest in position to pound on you? Think more of a sticky hands/trapping strategy. connect to his arms and when he rears back to punch you, let your arm go along for the ride and redirect his strike. Or, since he's now up on your chest, your hips can move, disturb his base with your legs and hips....Can you hook and bridge from here?

Keep in mind that many BJJ tournaments don't allow "small joint manipulation" which are fingers to you and I. There are a lot of grapplers that I've seen that don't protect their fingers as a matter of habit.

Think movement rather than technique.

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