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Re: Video definitions, "Aiki" and other terms.

Greg, thanks for sharing. however, i don't agree with the whole esoteric approach. personally, i believed it (aiki) can be trained in a methodical fashion. take the example of the keeping the one point. to me, using learning the alphabet analogy, is like learning letter A then jump to letter G (the one point). folks don't realize that in order to get to G you need to know B,C, D, E and F. you can definitely train for B, then C, then D, then E, then F. by the time you get to F, the one point would be apparent. similarly, i heard Ikeda sensei said to move your inside for years, and i watched folks, from low (me) to high rank, couldn't do what he did for years and years. what wrong with that picture? the answer is: folks don't realize "to move your inside" is letter O, but to Ikeda, it's B. in order to move your inside, you have to train (personal training) a number of prerequisite things before you can do that.

in short (since i am a short person), it's a trainable and in a progressive process. it's not esoteric or mystic. and it doesn't take 20 years or even 10.

as far as timing and distance, most fighting arts already done it through generations. the ones that don't, usually are 6 feet under and never get the chance to pass on the knowledge. but we are not talking about timing and distance. to me, aiki is about dealing with actual contact energy at the contact point. that's the defining moment.

of course, my definition might change the next second when someone else smacks me in the head.