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Re: Video definitions, "Aiki" and other terms.

Mark, I think what you call "having an aiki body" would make more sense as "having a body capable of aiki". This underscores that its not *just* a trick , but that it requires conditioning work.

I'm familiar with how Chris is describing "Aiki" .. and fwiw i think he's describing something more in the realm of "Kiai" as described by Ellis Amdur, and conceptually you can argue the semantics of the word and the claim to the term , but its just doesn't match up to the skill described by Mike, which he just once again explained quite clearly..

Strategy wise, anything that's unexpected (disrupting to the OODA loop if you want) can be either sneaky or overwhelming, that's probably not the best feature to distinguish "aiki" from "aiki"

Alfonso Adriasola