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It is nice to hear things are working out. As a father, myself, you can never be too careful when it comes to your childern(s) welfare that's are job.

I think it is great that an MD is teaching the class, what a beneficial arrangement, you probably couldn't ask for anything better.

It sounds like your daughter is going into GP. From what I hear and from what you told us, the risk of injury to her career is greatly lessen than if she was to become a surgeon. Good news abounds.

Not to get too side tracked, and side from doc2b discussion, I make it a habit to talk to my surgeon friend regularly and my Family Prac. I don't stop there, I do talk to sports RPTs and other professions about injuries that could happen in the dojo and educate myself about such injuries as well. Of course, the dojo plays a role in that, the people in the dojo play a huge role in the matters of injury. Also, more of a major concern is the overall toll Aikido can take on the body over time.

Aikido is just like anything else, and with time due to wear and tear injury can occur. Prevention, education, and awareness is the best medicine in fighting all types of injury. Aikido is an athletic activity IMO, and should be thought of and treated as such. Educating yourself about injury related to Aikido can only make good sense; types of, treatment of, prevention of. I think it shows the seriousness and a responsibility to Aikido training in par with sports when there is a concern for injury, both short and long term possibilities.

Evaluating the Sensei is just part of the process, talking to medical professionals is an other part IMO. I think this makes for a better longer and more productive training environment.

My criticism is some people don't approach Aikido with the same seriousness as sports when it comes to injuries. This may be because Aikido doesn't look like you could get hurt. I have seen some beautiful Ukemi by some senior students and Sensei. Let me tell you by its nature Ukemi is deceiving. Ukemi's impact on the body can range from being in a 30 m/hr car accident to falling off a bike, from what I am told. I think injuries result from attitude as well, by not taking Aikido seriously. May not understand also that Aikido waza comes from waza that killed and maimed people, and Osensei altered those waza so people don't get killed or maimed as a result.

I rant on, sorry.

Overall, I am personally glad doc2b is taking Aikido seriously, and doing the best by his daughter. This is what IMO makes for a good art, and a good student.
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