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Re: Aikido injuries

Why, yes I do. I have been training regular for a couple of years. Started it late in life. I am very happy doing it. I have a wonderful Sensei, Sempai, and dojo. I guess the dojo is seen as being some what fanatical by some and low key. The core of the dojo is small 5-10 people. Sensei doesn't want to be mentioned on the net, nor the dojo. His concerns are valid IMO, so I don't want to bring attention to him. It would be terrible to have people confuse him with my opinions. Even worse to have what I say reflect upon the dojo. I don't speak for the dojo, or Sensei. I don't want my opinions to reflect on the dojo or the Sensei. This should answer many questions.

This is just misinterpretation IMO, but the dojo has been taken as being snobbish and eccentric. We are considered fanatical by some because our dojo tends to be very Japanese in flavor both pre and post war Aikido. There are other aspects of Japanese culture we learn too. After going through several affiliations, we are no longer are affiliated. We enjoy the status of being an independent dojo. There is no heavy focus on Ki like some schools do, but rather on one's own ability to preform waza, and how closely we adhere to Osensei teachings.

What makes us unique in my opinion is that we also mix in elements of Kendo training, and bring in other aspects of Japanese culture like a guest tea ceremony Sensei. We also learn things in Japanese gardening, and cooking to name a few of the areas we are schooled in. We are encouraged to take Japanese language classes and classes at the University on Japanese culture. I think this is a great element and addition to training. IMO you really have to understand the background of Osensei, it is just not enough to read a translated text, you have to really understand it well. We basically exploit as much of the Japanese way of life, thinking and culture as we can, without living in Japan. And Sensei has lived and trained in Japan for many years. He is a soft spoken gentleman. Who runs a very good private and personal dojo in my opinion.

This should give you a good introduction, and answer some possible future questions, as well as understand where I am coming from when I don't cheer lead the popular cookie cut cheer. Rather, I would offer my opinion. Pls. realize my views are not to reflect my dojo's or my Sensei's.

FWIW, I do read the translated writings of Osensei too. I know the history of Aikido. I honestly, have a hard time understanding what Osensei is saying on the spiritual side beyond the fundamentals we are all aware of. I don't know if anyone really did understand Osensei completely and in detail other then him. This should get me flamed...ugggh...!

When I give my opinion, it is mine and I insure it will stay mine and it will not be confused with or reflected upon my Sensei or the dojo. I don't want people here or else where bashing my Sensei or dojo like they do here in general. I don't want to be kicked out of the dojo, because some Internet Aikido nut bashes him and the dojo on the net, because they find it entertaining. I don't want to give him such a headache.

I offer my opinion and I want people to take if for what it is worth. I understand there are nut cases out there emotionally and mentally imbalanced who take Aikido and will respond to what I say. That comes with the territory of having the freedom to be different and unique, yet the same.

Hope that helped.
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