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Anat Amitay
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Re: Aikido injuries

an answer to "special apperance":
with all due respect to both your doctor friends, people should participate in things that let their soul grow and not only their knowledge.
I bet your sugeon friend does cut a salad from time to time, take hot stuff out of the oven, uses a saw/ hammer/ nails... which can all be hazardous to his hands.
So I can understand his concern with not taking "un-necessary" risks as she builds her carreer.
Still, if Aikido is something that fills her life with more than a DVD movie would than I think she'll benefit of it more than she would lose.
We all use our hands, even a computer genious, a clerk, a hair dresser etc... My hands are very important for my work, and that did not keep me off the mat.
She's a grown person and should make her own decisions on her life. I don't think it's not taking her studies seriously, and no one will garantee her the safety of not harming her hands, but as a majority- how many people did injure them so badly as too lose their ability to work in their profession?
I think it's a bit dramatic, though I will respect a person for deciding not to train for that reason, or any other that is major enough for them.
my two cents
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