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Re: Aikido injuries- A surgeon's advice.

FWIW.Responding late I hope this will help.

I have a good friend who is a general surgeon. I also have a friend who is anesthesiologist. I spoke to both about the situation and the concerns the father has. Both said these concerns of the father are no to go lightly. My surgeon friend highly suggested the daughter stop Aikido training all together. As he put it, my hands are my most critical and important tool that I must protect. Injury to my hands would result in ending my career, I have to be extremely careful." He stressed that medical school is highly competitive and costly. Any injury to her body would have an negative effect upon her school and career, the risk isn't a good one. He strongly suggests not to risk it and stop Aikido. He knows what Aikido is, and strongly sides with the father in his concern for injury. This is one successful surgeon's opinion and recommendation.

The other doctor said, some what the same thing to stop Aikido if she is pursuing a career as a surgeon of any type. If she is going into another field of specialty like anesthesiology, he doesn't think an injury will effect her career as greatly if she was studying surgery. The anesthesiologist is a martial artist nut who works closely with and a friend of the general surgeon.

If you take both doctor's advice it wouldn't matter if the Sensei was Godzilla, or the Pope. If, that is, you were to be a surgeon. Personally, if I could I would have my kid stop Aikido if surgery was the choosen career path. I am sure it is easier said than done.

My personal advice is to contact surgeons of various specialities, and teaching surgeons to get their advice.

Good luck.
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