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Re: Aikido injuries

I don't know if the Aikido training is part of university activity where your daughter studies, or just an activity on university grounds. But if instructors work for the university, there must be someone to talk to about such an instructor. You mentioned serious injuries done by that instructor, but did anyone ever talk to him/her about this, or is it something people only complain about among themselves?
Injuries can happen in Aikido, even with the gentelest instructor in the world, but still it is not considered to be a very harmful martial art, all things compared. I don't know how many injuries happened in that dojo, and on how long a time scale, but it's something that can be checked out.
You did mention this is one instructor out of a number- your daughter can decide who she wants to train with, and does not have to come to classes by that instructor. If he is part of the group, and she sees him hurt others, and he/she asks her to train with them- she can say no, and explain that their work is causeing harm which she is not interested in.
I doubt that if there are other instructors there and this one caused so much harm, that no one has done anything about it (after all, you did "hear" it from another parent.... which means the information is not first hand and should be checked out before coming with accusations). If you daughter did get hurt by this instructor, she has every right to tell this to the other instructors, it is their job to make sure their dojo is safe for training, and they need to talk to the offensive instructor, and if that doesn't help, he/she should be told to leave. But this is up to the instructors and I know I wouldn't go to a dojo where abusive instructors are allowed to do what they want.
This is not an answer as to what to do, but I hope it helps with your daughters decisions.
Anyway, I hope she enjoys both training and studying- good luck to her on both!
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