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Re: Dan, Mike, and Aikido

Craig Hocker wrote: View Post
This is not aikido,
and they were certified instructors.
Hey, I am not arguing with you at all. I just know that these days, there are so few people who have real mastery of anything, it's tough know.

I see so-called karate "instructors" all the time who are completely incompetent, one could train with all sorts of Aikido folks who even run dojos and come away thinking Aikido sucked, the same with Systema, so I suspect it could easily be true of something like Feldenkrais. I know one my my good friends in Aikido who is a Rokudan is getting a tremendous amount out of doing the Feldenkrais training. But it's not just physical training, its a whole retooling of the way you look at things. That may be the part that is of more use to us than just the physical... just a thought since I haven't done any myself.

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