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Re: Highest Level Martial Arts and Aikido

There's a saying about "all paths lead to the top of the mountain" that always grates on the nerves. It defies common sense and smacks of that false pseudo-sage relativism which tries to say that there is no wrong way to do anything. Obviously there are right and wrong ways to do things and while a lot of paths lead to the top of the mountain, there are also paths that don't go to the top of the mountain and paths that go to other mountains.
Think of this quote in it's original hindu context. The "path" doesn't refer to a physical "path" on the mountain but rather, your personal EXPERIENCE / JOURNEY towards brahmin. The idea is that everyone makes mistakes sometimes. Everyone falls from the path. Everyone does something wrong occaisionally. But in the end, after several thousand reincarnations and lifetimes we arrive at brahmin (the mountain top). Everyone's JOURNEY was different though. I believe the quote refers not to martial technique, but to everyone reaching a "spiritual enlightenment" which is going to look different depending on the choices they made on their journey. But the idea is that everyone reaches "spiritual enlightenment" of somekind. not samekind. Just like when you show an ink blot to 20 different people. They'll all see something different.

Good post.

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