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Re: Highest Level Martial Arts and Aikido

..."all paths lead to the top of the mountain"...
Like all roads lead to Rome?

...we can separate
martial arts into 2 categories... technique-oriented martial arts
and "highest level" martial arts.
Dave Murray
distiguishes this dichotomy as "technique-based hierarchies" and
"principle-based hierarchies"; all arts falling somewhere in between
in these two dichotomies.

movement approaches stillness...
First I heard/read a vaguely similar reference to this was from
Cheng Man Ching's 13 treatises.

"Being still, when attacked by the opponent, be tranquil and move
in stillness...Be still and wait for motion, for in motion there
is also stillness."

Low level: doing "techniques" and not doing them too well.

Higher level: doing "techniques" and doing them very well.

Highest level: going beyond "techniques" in many cases, but
having the ability to do techniques extremely well when
circumstances call for it.
I understand this as "going beyond form" or "letting go of form" -
i.e. not trying to apply a set response to a specific
attack, but to let the technique "happen" of its own accord,
through (my) stillness.

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