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Re: Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 9

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Not to usurp any amplification that Peter might give, and hoping he has more. It probably doesn't have anything to do with politics - looks like Ueshiba's son-in-law blew the whistle on him.

......"Sokaku Sensei immediately went down to Osaka. This was around 1933."

I have read that before. We'll have to assume his memory was at fault.
Takeda arrived in Osaka in 1936 not 32 or 33. and stayed aprox. three years awarding the newly invented Menkyo Kaiden to Hisa in 1939. It does seem odd that Takeda-who had kept tabs on Ueshiba's doings and what he was saying about Takeda (thus my aforementioned letter from Takeda to Ueshiba) and since Takeda was in police stations (interestingly enough the eimoroku shows at that time period he was with police and military) and with his connections with Princes and princesses, and admirals and counts that he would know something of the pending incident. Then again the government could have kept it mum. Just some speculation about the coincidence.

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