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Re: Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 9

Hi Peter
Regarding your note #3
Morihei Ueshiba had a close relationship with Sakaku Takeda, a relationship from which he gradually extricated himself. Takeda's visit to Osaka in 1936 marks that point, [b]though there are conflicting opinions about Ueshiba's reluctance to confront Takeda on that occasion.[/b}
What are the sources or nature of those conflicting reports? I assume you are referring to Sokaku's arrival at the Assahi dojo where it appeared by all accounts that Ueshiba ran away?
Are you agreeing that a) he indeed ran away? but b) there are conflicting accounts as to the reasons why he ran away?
That would be interesting as well as I have not previously read of a clear and lucid explanation for him doing so...from his own lips. Just third party opinions as to why.
1. Are you aware of the letter Sokaku gave Sato to deliver to Ueshiba?
2. The reasons for the arrival of Takeda at Osaka is in question. Do you think Takeda could have caught wind of the potential (suppresion and arrest)trouble Ueshiba was facing-seeing as Takeda taught in many police stations and high ranking military officers I can't imagine he would not have known. Thus a very timely visit?
Thanks again for these wonderful articles
Am I sensing a book in the works?

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