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Re: Throwing with shionage


Joshua Landin wrote: View Post
Hi Tim,

Imagine doing shihonage with a sword.

The basic form is: tsuki - raise to jodan - turn - shomen strike. So as you throw at the end imagine cutting with a sword like you're doing suburi - but gently. Actually as you do this you really shouldn't be throwing with your arm muscles at all. Something I've been working on is to try to initiate the throw with my legs and knees - legs spiral to move center (hara), center moves the arms ("one thing moves everything moves")

You can also practice breathing while doing the technique. As you inhale imagine your breath flowing from the earth into your feet, up your legs and filling your center (hara) and coming up the spine - while at the same time dropping your weight. As you exhale imagine your breath flowing out through your fingertips. If done correctly uke should experience an 'up' sensation before being thrown.

Also keep your center facing uke at all times. Uke should never be behind you (unless you're doing ushiro waza where the point is to remedy that situation as soon as possible) or to the side of you.

Best of luck!

Janet Rosen
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