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Re: 83 year old aikido black belt repels home invader.

Mary Malmros wrote: View Post
Are you a lawyer, Stelios? Do you have personal experience in these matters?
Not a lawyer Mary, yet two of my friends are, one specializing herself in criminal law.
In a village not far away from where i live, a family relative (age 80something, widower who lives alone, his house broken into twice in the last couple of years) sleeps with a shotgun close to his bed.
He wakes up in the middle of the night after hearing noises. He sees a robber at the other end of the room going through his belongings. He shouts at the man, the man takes out a long knife and walks towards the grandpa asking where the money is. Grandpa reaches for the shotgun and shoots the robber.
He then calls for the police.
He ends up in prison, the robber (without any serious wounds, just superficial mostly to the legs) after a month or so in prison is repatriated to his country (after violating the laws of illegal immigration).
After three trials, our relative is released on bail after suffering a stroke in prison.
Now, the problems here are many and their nature complicated enough...
And it is easy to propose solutions or address these problems philosophically.
But an armed attack in your own home remains an armed attack in your own home. And only unless you (touch wood) find yourself in such a difficult situation, can you understand how superficial laws and philosophy can touch such a matter. I really hope nobody ever, EVER, has to deal with such a constipated situation in their lives.
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