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graham christian
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Re: Aikido and Music

Mark Freeman wrote: View Post
Graham, I do love a bit of good reggae but sometimes the strict accent on the upbeat is not flexible enough for aiki purposes
Ahhh, Mark.
Like the fella said in the movie 'white men can't jump' ---

'Your hearing the music but your not listening.' Or was it the other way around?

No, but seriously, let me introduce you to a little something about reggae. I remember my old teacher who prided himself with his piano playing. One day composed a piece of music via his musical software on his computer and played it to me joking he was now a master of reggae.

I listened and then laughed to his surprise and said 'we call that english reggae' (by the way it was nothing like ub40) He had emphasized that so called up beat.

I proceded to tell him to listen more from the base line. That is the key. The base covers the first three beats and the fourth is silent so it's; 123_,123_,123_, 123_. Woahhhhh, I feel koshi, all I need now is some harmonies from hara!

Maybe we could put an accent in that space and it would be like a sword?

Mmmm. Think I'll leave the musical translation of Aikido to my son on second thoughts.

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