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Dan Richards
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Re: Refining my view of aiki

Alec Corper wrote: View Post
i reckon if you and I met up on the mat we would get on fine and not need to talc so much to find common ground.
Hi Alec. Absolutely. I think we may be cut from a more similar swatch of cloth than it might first appear.

I don't think the links were working in my signature for awhile; but if you click on them, you'll find we are on quite similar ground.

Speaking of "ground," I had a wonderful training with some Systema guys last night in Riverfront Park in Troy, NY. We used the entire area: steps, grass, concrete, etc.. I'm 53 years old, and after two hours last night of taking punches, falling and rolling and doing ground work - and even some full forward rolls and backward rolls on the concrete - I woke up today not only not feeling any aches or pains, but feeling like I got a $200 full-body massage.

The thought just came to me that a lot of people talk about working with "resistance," "aliveness," reality-based," etc.. And yet they'll train on thick mats or bouncy flooring - often with gloves and other pads.

Wanna talk about "real?" Wanna work with some serious "resistance?" Wanna see IP/Aiki work pay off in spades?

Train on concrete.
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