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Re: Refining my view of aiki

Hello Dan,
I don't mean to be rude towards Nishio Sensei or any of the other highly ranked shihans but the term in aikido "martial lye effective" is suspect in itself. Did you ever see Nishio or for that matter any Shihan fight an opponent using aikido (as it is generally agreed to be at this moment in time)? All I have ever seen in almost 24 years of aikido is the set up of uke/tori. Please understand the same can be said of a huge number of CMA teachers demonstrating push hands or applications upon "trained, compliant" students .i have done my fair share of sparring in my almost 40 years of Budo and that doesn't really indicate martial effectiveness either, unless of course you practice outside of your own discipline, at least demonstrating the ability to freely react, fast and effectively to whatever presents itself.
Now at the age of 62 I don't mind a bit of friendly sparring, I still do it outside of the aikido dynamic but I don't really fancy going at it full tilt to see if we can develop this elusive "martial effectiveness". After all if it was a sport system it would make sense to train differently, and if it were intended to be self defense, which I take more seriously at my age than I did before, then the whole approach should be revamped.
As for aiki skills, they don't make a fighter, only fighting skills used for fighting make a fighter. In fact I would say I could turn a guy into a fighter inside of six months if he was dumb enough and tough enough to survive a bar fight every month for those six months of training. He would then be more marginally effective than 90% of people practicing aikido. When I grew up in London I trained full contact Chinese boxing, I still lost more fights than I won, even though I did well in competition.
So what exactly are you proposing, more aiki/IP training, more contact free fighting, more study of martial strategy and tactics, more experimentation on the streets as some of O Sensei's early students were supposed to have done, according to urban Tokto legend.
What's all the fuss about?

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