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Eric Winters
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Re: Aikido as an actual Martial Art


This only my opinion.

Aikido is derived from an older jujitsu (Koryu) therefore the assumptions are a little different. The original art (Daito Ryu) came from a time when people carried weapons. ( katana, wakizashi, tanto). So the empty hand stuff is really about weapons retention because the assumption is you will be carrying a sword or some other weapon. If you look at most Koryu, their curriculum is mostly about how to use your weapons and how to retain them. Koryu has empty hand against empty hand but that is a very small part of the whole art and is not as efficient in dealing with that situation as an art that specializes in empty hand against empty hand. If you want something that is more appropriate to modern times you might want to try MMA and/or Krav Maga otherwise you will have to find ways to apply aikido waza and principles on you own.


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