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Re: What is Martial Arts Rank?

Adam Huss wrote: View Post
What about rank being dynamic? For example, if someone takes a couple years off the dojo should they be reduced in rank for non-activity? If rank is an indicator of skill related to a prescribed curriculum, is it unethical to for someone to proclaim a certain rank if they don't recall all the items in the curriculum, or have a diminished capability to execute technique?
Dear Adam,
Rank is not purely a matter of skill level. If a person has reached a certain rank and does not train perhaps due to injury or a change of circumstances would you reduce this persons rank ? One other point everybody gets old. Using you logic you would diminish a high ranking teacher to a lower level simply because the person is much older.Hardly a respectful action. Do you feel that this is the right approach?Perhaps you need to reflect on what you are saying. It seems to me that you do not value the work of senior teachers who may well have contributed to aikido for many years.
Cheers, Joe.
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