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Re: Injured rib

Yeah - I'm with a lot of the rest of these folks. You don't want to skip training but if you do train on a cracked rib, it won't heal.

6-8 weeks of no training versus the rest of your life. You get to pick, of course...

An anecdote... I can't remember her name, but a Canadian Olympic runner had a stress fracture in her femur (thigh bone). Took painkillers and kept training and racing. (this was in the 1970s, btw, and the sports med folks know a lot more about this stuff than they did then) Her running career ended when - mid race - her femur fractured in what they call a "complicated" fracture - bits of thigh bone sticking out through the skin - probably that one hurt more than just a little bit.

And - sorry Nagababa - weapons work is upper body work which stresses the rib cage. Bad idea. Unless of course you do two hours of prone 1000 yard/900 m rifle training a day - now THAT'S fun, (IMO), doesn't stress the ribs, and actually involves a relatively modern weapon - a target rifle, hunting rifle, or a "sniper" rifle.

Worst case scenario for your rib - keep training, ignore the pain (endorphins are wonderful) and then suddenly "snap" and you have a punctured lung.

Or you can take 6-8 weeks off and let the ribs heal.

For physical fitness - walk, briskly, for the same amount of time as you would practice aikido. You won't lose much.

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