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Injured rib

Last friday I injured my rib (not during aikido training). I don't know if it's broken or bruised but it probably does not really matter much either way.

It was not that bad in the weekend. Only deep breathing and coughing hurt. So last tuesday I went to aikido training. I informed my sensei before training about my injury and he was ok with me training for as long as I felt comfortable. I was taking it easy, but breakfalls started to hurt more and more in the course of the training. After an hour I excused myself.

The days after it hurt more than before, so I started to take some painkillers and I skipped training on thursday. Today I went to see my GP doctor and she prescibed painkillers (ibuprofen and paracetamol).

I want to resume training as soon as possible, but I've been reading up about rib injuries and in general the message seems to be that it probably takes about two months to heal. I've only skipped one lesson before this and I can't bear the thought of having to skip 16 lessons!

Does it take that long to heal enough for resuming training aikido? Did anyone resume training sooner (with painkillers perhaps?) Did you regret it?
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