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Re: Training at Aikikai Hombu Dojo - Experiences

I visited Honbu 8 years ago for three weeks and practiced everyday except for the first day or two on my trip, waiting for my bags to arrive and jetlag.

I found tons of gaijins there and it is their home dojo. All the people seemed friendly and I got some real good advice from the fellow gaijins. I constantly switched partners at the main and beginners room. I didnt' actively looked to switch, I just stayed in the back right hand corner and waited for someone to ask me. Doshu even came and looked at me practice and made some comments. One instructor did yell about me, but he yelled at the older gentlemen working with me for not correcting my mistakes. It's only logical for him to speak to the person that he could fully convey his teaching correction to. Luckily, my aweful Japanese was still able to understand the instructor. They don't talk on the mat. Doshu didn't even talk. O'Sensei didn't talk either. If they do then it is quiet, quick, and to the point. I think that it is possible that you did bring some notion with you and was disappointed that what actually happened didn't meet your expectation. I had a fabulous time and can't wait to go again. While I was there, there was another guy visiting from Lebanon. He practiced Iado there as well. He left a few days before me and one instructor took pictures with him and gave the guy paintings that he made as a going away gift. I think you some how transmitted your disappointment.
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