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Re: "Connection in Aikido" by Ania Small

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it's hard to discuss these stuffs without a common frame of reference. just because we used the same terminology, doesn't mean we spoke of the same thing. if you hang around the internal forum portion, you see the phrase "it had to be felt" IHTBF. take for example, those who had trained with Ikeda sensei, even though i had never met them, but if i said "line" with Ikeda sensei as the reference, they would know exactly what i was talking about. we had a common reference point. we had experienced first hand with Ikeda sensei.

one of the overused and misleading term in aikido is "connection"; the other one is "relax".
Agree that we may talk about different things. But do you think what she captured about Ikeda explains how he does what people say 'wow!' or at least 'connection'? Or do I need first hand experience to say these are/are not superficial? If you say yes, I think we don't have a common frame here.

•Importance of relaxation, creating openness and connectivity in one's body
•developing mindfulness of our own movement and sensitivity to partners responses
•developing ki or intent
•combination of strong intent and openness in the first moment of interaction, or even before
•no pushing into the point of contact
•emphasis on the Aiki principle over the technique
•seeing unity as physical, mental and spiritual
•getting away from a mindset of winning
•the path to manifesting Aiki through both uke and nage practice
•freedom of movement through Aiki principle

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