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Graham. If you want, I will pay for your subscription to Aikido Journal, but only if you will commit to reading the interviews with all of Ueshiba's prewar Deshi as a start. Or I will send you the book. Whether or not you chose to move on to the founder himself is up to you. Your information seems seriously flawed and may be skewed from a too narrow perspective. I think this will help elevate the discussion. We can still agree or disagree but I think it will at least broaden your perspective. I have had friends of mine in the Chinese community do the same for me, as I was researching. Knowledge and information is power.

Consider this, if the history of your founder matters, then, I think it will help you in conversing here with more well informed people, and give you a better understanding of the art, where Ueshiba got his information and Doka from and how it all fits into a bigger picture.
Would you like a Subscription to AJ? I will email Stan tonight for you.

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