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Re: Recommend good DVDs?

Don J. Modesto wrote:
Ha! Aikiweb's very own John Bolton. All vinegar and corrosives, but...still no videos of your own?! Tsk tsk, Szczone-thrower.

John teaches his UKE with bruises. We learn to duck. I figured with the pressure of performing before a crowd, I was likely to lose teeth, so mea culpa, I went slowly.

You're right. It was all prearranged. I'd guess he wanted to demonstrate principles fanning out in different applications. He has strong technique, I've learned from him and he runs good classes. I'm glad to work with him.

And the link for your vids, Sz-etc.?
So you are saying he bits up and terrorises his students with karate-like atemi to make them react at his will?Something like Pavlov did?

ok, now seriously,
I have no doubt about efficiency of his aikido.

Lets say in aikido , during demo, techniques go only one way - only demontrator can to techniques and attackers can do ONLY prearranged attacks(I didn't criticise you for that). It very easy to abuse such situation, isn't it?

What I didn't like, in this context it is very easy to pretend to be a big fighter by doing 'applications' . Make effords to present himself better then he is. That's it. This false thing I was looking for better wording it -- situation becomes false and .............funny........ Applications you are doing against not preaaranged attacks, that makes sens. And techniques are not pretty at all. And you fail your techniques very often.

IMO if uke is attacking prearranged attack nage does 'prearranged' technique. Just like in the kihon.Than we have everything balanced well,natural.
If you want to show applications -- it is fine, but let free attacks with real counters and all -- AND in this conditions show TRUE aikido spirit. Than we have everything balanced well, natural.


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