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Re: Recommend good DVDs?

Szczepan Janczuk wrote:
I saw John Messores video from demonstration from this link -- looks like you was one of his uke. I was suprised and wasn't very impressed. He did rather weird things.
You attacked him with large, slow prearranged attacks, full of holes, and he used it to play very 'martial' fighter. I feel him 'pretending' , he is not natural at all.
All advanced students of Saotome sensei are like him?
Ha! Aikiweb's very own John Bolton. All vinegar and corrosives, but...still no videos of your own?! Tsk tsk, Szczone-thrower.

John teaches his UKE with bruises. We learn to duck. I figured with the pressure of performing before a crowd, I was likely to lose teeth, so mea culpa, I went slowly.

You're right. It was all prearranged. I'd guess he wanted to demonstrate principles fanning out in different applications. He has strong technique, I've learned from him and he runs good classes. I'm glad to work with him.

And the link for your vids, Sz-etc.?

Don J. Modesto
St. Petersburg, Florida
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