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Moving to Aikido

Hi everyone,

I hope this is in the correct place to post this question. What would it entail to switch from Ju Jitsu to Aikido in terms of curriculum, organization/s to join, rank conversion (if such a thing exists in Aikido circles)?

Many may wonder the reasons to change as opposed to continuing to teach Ju Jitsu.

1. A big reason is the politics I find in Ju Jitsu which is often prohibitive to furthering the art.
2. Another reason is that when I can I am introducing Aikido principles and techniques in my teaching.
3. Over the past years I have definitely moved away from the hard styles of Ju Jitsu to the gentler, more fluid styles and in my mind I have adopted more of the principled embodied in Aikido.
4. My curriculum loosely correlates to what I first learnt when I began but now has taken on a new, "gentler" approach.

So I put this out there to hear what you may think or suggest.

Stephen Sheasby
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